Words of Warning; LaLa is LoCo.

Hello bloggers world!

I am Laura but please call me LaLa. Thats my cool, hip bloggers name. You all have one, right..? Or you can just call me by username. Its a bit of a mouthfull, thus the whole please call me LaLa bit earlier. See, I do make sense really. . . . Lets just continue, my sanity can be discussed later.

Now, my first post is purely about my word of warning.. or three warnings, regarding my future here in the blogging world.

Firstly, if you read my About Me section, you will notice that I am newly fledged adult into the world of owning my own house. (With the company of my partner of four years, Dave..or Daaaaaaaaayyyyyy-ve!!!! as he better known in my family.)

The perks of moving into your first house means I am currently not blessed with WiFi. Eek! So blogging on my phone using mobile data only has its ups and downs. Mainly the lack of a normal sized keyboard, lack of cool formatting options and blog themes etc will mean your viewing experience of my blog will be um, bland to say the least.
(On that note, if anyone can tell me how on EARTH to upload a profile pic using my mobbie will be highly appreciated!)

This then brings me to my next word of warning. I do apologise if you see any grammar and spelling errors. I am quite a fast text typer on my mobbie, but this usually results in text that makes no sense at all. I usually spot most of my errors, I have made hundreds of mistakes already.

Now, I am going to delve deeper into this subject. If you dont mind my grammar, spelling or punctuation errors then please skip this next bit, its pretty harsh. I love you for doing this and I hope you come to love my blog. But, if my grammar and spelling is bothering you, then I suggest you read on…….

Screw. You.
If you dont like it, then you know where to go. Im doing my best to blog something for one pure reason. ME. I feel like I have words and opinions which I need to put somewhere positive. My head is bursting with rants and views which Facebook wont accomodate. I write my posts for myself and for me; grammar, spelling and punctuation is not my main focus on my blog.
Maybe there are a few other people out there which may appreciate what I have to say. This is why I am here. If you dont like it, then I dont want to know you. Simples. Insert-weird-meerkat-kissy-noise-here.

Thirdly, and lastly youll be glad to know, my activity will probably waver on this blog. Life happens, yknow? So I apologise if you become a frantic fan of mine (which on a side note, I have never had.. so if you do ever become one, please comment and let me know. I would like to know you incase you form the being of a stalker) and wonder where I am after a few days, please do not fret. I do intend to use this blog regularly, it just depends on my schedule and wether or not I have anything to say.. yes, I can be quite frank if you hadnt noticed already.

Now that is fully off my chest I want to give a special moment to everyone who read all of this.. and will continue to read my posts in the future. I hope you like what I have to post and it pleases me knowing that somebody may be interested in lil ole me.
I know for a fact that I certainly enjoy blogging already…

Peace out.

LaLa x