About Moi

I am a 21 year old Laura with the sudden urge for starting my own blog. Yay!

I have no true purpose of starting this blog, maybe I will discover this soon, but the only intention so far is to get some of my thoughts somewhere.

Now to the about me. I live in the countryside of Great Britain. Right now the biggest thing that has happened in my life is that I have just fledged the parents nest to my own house with my boyfriend of four years. Oh and my two guinea pigs came with me too, of course.

Random and probably useless facts about me; I love dogs and all things fluffy and cute, I am a bit of a whimp, I love gaming, hopeless at any physical activity and my large, close family mean the world to me.

I will probably discover more wonderful ways of using WordPress but I have no WiFi at home yet and doing this whole blog business from my Note 3 smart phone, on mobile data, is quite challenging. So please do forgive my not so flashy posts for the mean time.

Anyway, until I figure out more interesting things to put here, that is it.



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